Okay, so you’ve got the green light from God to start building a support base. You know why you need to build a support base, and you’ve drafted up a clear, concise, communicable vision statement.  What to do now?  “Get ye to a post office!”  Okay, that’s not exactly Shakespeare, but it’s close. You definitely don’t want to go to a nunnery at this point. Rather than seclude yourself with your ideas, the name of the game is exposing them to a group of hapless Christians who know you, and have been impacted by your ministry. That means that after you’ve bought the postage stamps, you need to know whose address to put on the envelopes.

At this stage, if you’re even dreaming about planting a church, then you should be able to produce some specimens of people into whose lives you’ve already invested. There should be people out there who are tracking you; people who are wondering what you’re doing now; what you’re going to do next. Those are the people you want to target as first priority.

Beyond that, your family, your friends, people in your small group, the mission-minded folks at your church, your leaders, and Christians that you don’t know very well, but for some reason that you can’t explain, you feel that you “should” send it to them. Believe me when I say, you’ll be shocked by the number of people who will actually support you when you would have crossed them off your list.

The bottom line is that you send them a letter telling them what your family has been up to, what you’ve been feeling, and a miniature version of your vision. You end by telling them that you’ll be contacting them soon to get together with them for a cup of coffee, or, if they live far away, you’ll be making a phone call to talk with them.

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