Jump School: Core Team Training


Jump School is the only stand alone church planting core team training.

It’s also the only planter training that utilizes the APEST model of leadership and incorporates field training to mobilize your team. It’s how I train my core teams, and I’m sharing it with you. 

  • 7 Modules
  • 24 Weekly Curriculums  Guides
  • Study Guides
  • Leader Training Videos



Jump School You are enlisting as a part of that elite squad that God is throwing together in the shadow of the end of time. Souls are at stake. The Glory of God is with you. You are about to witness amazing things.

Jump School Core Team Training is designed as a weekly curriculum over a six month period. We believe that core teams need 6-12 months to develop, so there is supplemental material as well at the end of these six months, depending upon how long your team decides to incubate prior to launching your church plant. The ideal core team finds a balance meeting for approximately 9 months prior to launching their church plant.