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Reason Number Two – You’ve got a small work crew

The second reason you’re going to need a truck is that your crew is going to be more prone to burn out, and in need of replacements on occasion. That means you need to be quicker to pick up the slack. Sometimes there’s just nobody else, and when you’re in danger of losing a someone because church has become a chore, it’s a reality that often everybody else is equally as strapped. Time to carry the team. Trucks are made for carrying.

Sooner or later you realize that Church planting is the place where the Pastor’s hands get calloused. They work side by side all the crew, and often is doing the lion share of the work.

I had a worship leader in a church I was planting who could never get to church on time. In fact, on a Sunday morning, he needed somebody to literally pick him up and get him to church or he’d breeze in at ten to start-time without anything set up. So as the church planter, I had to mother him by picking him up for school and dropping him off on time. I drove all the way from Carlsbad to Long Beach, made a pit stop in Huntington Beach to pick him up, and after that dropping off my girls at the mother-in-law’s because it was so early. Occasionally, somebody had forgotten or overlooked a piece of equipment we needed for a special event and I was able to squeeze that in before I schlepped the worship gear as well. I’ve lost track of the countless times I muttered a prayer under my breath, “Thank you God for giving me this truck”.

The reality is that when you’re depending on a small workforce, you don’t have many people to cover when they have an anniversary trip, are away for holidays, or get sick. You’ve gotta fill in, and having a truck means that you’re prepared for anything. Being prepared for anything is just part of being a good leader. If you weren’t prepared to be prepared because you were too cool to be a boy or girl scout…guess what? It’s even less cool to have everybody needing coffee on a Sunday but going dry because you weren’t straight about the whole leadership thing.

Third Reason…sometimes you just gotta tow. Big boys and girls drive trucks. Real men and women tow trailers.

At a certain point, you’re gonna need a trailer. Trailers are like moving storage compartments. When you just use a truck, you create two extra bits of work. You gotta load from storage to truck, and then from truck to church. Then after church you gotta load from church to truck, from truck to storage. With a trailer, you cut out the middle step. The trailer IS your storage. You pack your storage right at the church and leave it till next week.

But in order to have a trailer, you need to have more than a truck.  You need a tow hitch.

Last Sunday we hit a crunch point when the person who religiously tows (literally) our trailer axed his back at work. Everybody with a tow-hitch was either away on vacation or away planting new churches. The whole thing was ready to shut down. Sure, we coulda done church without our junk, but it sucks to show up with tons of half-cooked sausage, eggs, green peppers, and onions when you’re feeding the community and not have your grill. Our tow hitch literally became the linchpin of our Sunday mornings without our ever realizing it.

If you think of Old Testament worship as laid out in the Pentateuch, 1/3 of the priests were dedicated at any given time to the transportation, setup and breakdown of the furniture and furnishings of the tabernacle. God is saying something to us. This stuff matters. It’s as much a part of the worship and setting up of the God being glorified as anything else. In a church plant, if you don’t prioritize getting a sound system there so that people can hear, or coffee so that people can stay awake, then you’re not preparing for what really matters.

That’s what it is anyways. It’s preparation for people to meet God. If my oxcart is needed to transport the ark of the covenant, then heck, call me Obed-Edom, because my garage is as ready during the week as my truck is on Sunday.

You might not have money to buy a truck if you’re a poor planter, but it’s worth considering when you upgrade. The reality is that you may have to apply the Boat Philosophy to this one. Everybody needs to have a friend with a boat. If you don’t have one, go get one now. The same with a truck. If you don’t have a truck, recruit somebody onto your team who is ready to burn rubber, get the mudflaps sprayed dirty, and get a planting!

So, until next Sunday, keep on trucking!

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