How to Kill it in Ministry in 2019

Hey! Who turned the lights on in here?

Seriously, did a unicorn choose my website as its final resting place and suddenly explode in a poof of glitter and an auriferous zodiac of color? (Note: that last use of vocabulary was meant to impress you. Needless to say, I lifted it…)

Gone are the old days of darkness. Black, depressing colors, and red angry ninjas!

This ninja got a makeover, and who’s to say it’s not improved it? Okay… okay…ninjas operate in the shadows, but that doesn’t mean my website has to.

Welcome to Ministry Ninja.

To kill it in ministry today, you to be organized, knowledgeable, bold, relevant, relatable, look after yourself physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, have plenty of moxy, hustle, and guts. It also helps to be spiritual broken, and bankrupt before the face of God.

Is it possible to have all of these qualities?

The apostle Paul did.

He’d spent his whole life training to serve God, like Bruce Lee. Ministry Ninja is designed to train you in all things related to ministry, so that you become a ministry ninja.

Ministry Ninja is my brand new brand! Think of it as a way of serving the larger body of people out there who aren’t necessarily church planters, but care deeply about ministering to the people around them.

I’ll continue to deliver the same dynamite content with the same ninja skills you’ve come to rely on from me.

Hear what others are saying about the content I produce:

“If you’re just starting out in ministry, you’ve chosen a brave path…and you’re looking around for “models” or “formulas” only to discover it’s harder than you thought to find something that connects with the unchureched. I know. That’s why I love what Peyton does…” – Carey Nieuwof – Podcaster, author, and pastor

“In a day when church attendance is in steep decline we must reinvigorate believers around the Gospel mission.  It is obvious that my friend Peyton Jones has a fire burning within him to help people know Jesus. His passion is contagious, his words are challenging and his message will surely produce transformation in the reader. I recommend every pastor get his books into the hands of their people and pray for a Gospel movement in their city like we saw in the book of Acts.” – Mac Lake – Architect of Multiply Training, and Leadership Pipeline

“Church planting in the way of the apostles…that’s what Peyton is trying to recover.  And nothing less will do.  We both sense feel the profound significance in the recovery of a missional ministry for an apostolic church.  Peyton makes a good contribution in a critical time.” – Alan Hirsch – Author of The Forgotten Ways and 5Q

“Peyton Jones writes in a way that will not only inform you, but energize you to lead a New Breed of Church.” – Dave Ferguson – Founder of New Thing and Exponential

“Soldiers coming off the front-lines of the battlefield bring home a no nonsense, unsurpassable perspective when it comes to distinguishing between what actually works and non-effective armchair philosophies. In the same way we have here Peyton Jones -a true soldier for Christ- with the real world experience to command our attention as he calls the 21st century church to action. It’s time to wake up out of the slumber, pick up our soldiers for Christ kit bag and get ready to move as we model the forgotten timeless battle tested tactics of the 1st century church!” – Chad Williams U.S. Navy SEAL – Author of “Seal of God”

“Peyton Jones has a passion for Christ’s church. His message is a call to churches everywhere to wake up, try new things and get out of the four walls to reach the world.” – Brian “Head” Welch, former guitarist of KORN

“Peyton’s direct, no-nonsense message of our need to embed Biblical evangelism into the DNA of our churches is spot on. His stories and insights challenge me…I love how his passion grows directly out of his own experience and battle scars.” – Todd Wilson – founder and CEO of Exponential.

Anyways, don’t just take their word for it.

I’ll be posting blogs, podcasts, and videos in the months to come.

I’ve got a new podcast called The Ministry Ninja Podcast and it launches this month.

My YouTube channel is already up and running and you can check it out here.

Sign up, subscribe, and do all the usual stuff that people who want to become ninjas do.

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