Getting Your Priorities Right For Your Church Plant

Getting Your Priorities Right For Your Church Plant

What did Paul mean when he said he laid the foundation like a wise and master builder? In context, Paul started with the right priorities. The first thing that he did was lay down the foundation of Christ. If you’re laying a foundation in your church planter, it’d better be Christ, because everything that you do either points people more to Jesus or something else.

  • When an addict is wrestling with addiction, you’d better point him to the One who can set him free.
  • When a guy’s marriage is in tatters because of a repeated transgression with pornography, you’d better evac him to Jesus.
  • When a woman has been sexually abused, raped, or otherwise degraded because she’s trying to pay her rent, you’d better be pointing her to the one who can heal, forgive, and restore her.

The old hymn “You can have all this world, just give me Jesus” needs to be tattooed to your brain, like a frontlet between your eyes when foundation laying, because every termite is going to come crawling out of the woodwork to try to make your church plant about something else. My sending Pastor used to say, “Where there’s light, there’s bugs”, and you need to have your bug zapper on at all times. 

Because sabotage is the name of the game, you must counteract his tactics. During the Vietnam War, Hannoi Hannah’s broken english permeated the airwaves in an attempt to infiltrate the minds of American soldiers and demoralize them. She told them that their wives were cheating back home, their kids were bitter at America for taking their Daddy’s and that the government was lying to them. If Satan’s tactic is discouragement, you’re going to have to inspire them. Your team is going to need to know the rules of engagement. Your core values have to be communicated repeatedly. They need to be mantras that are repeated when they stand up, sit down, lie down, and get up. You must be the verbal phylactery, binding these to their foreheads and right hands. They must be able to assemble and disassemble their missional rifle blindfolded. 

Develop Mantras for Vision Casting

Vision cast every single week. I suck at announcements, and every time I give them it’s obvious. I leave pertinent details out that are better left to others. One thing I do though, and I do very well is to vision cast. I repeat mantras that burn their way into their subconscious. When they’ve leapt out of the airplane over Normandy, and they can’t find me, they know how to scramble in the dark. I’m constantly training the church to stand without me, just as Paul did. They’ll need letters, nudges, and visits like they got from Paul, but if I’ve done my job right, they can fall back on the rules of engagement time and time again. 

For this reason I learned early on to develop and use mantras in my church plants. In the next few weeks I will be sharing my mantras with you. Do you have any mantras that you use in your church? I would love to hear the ones you use.

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