What Paul Can Teach Us About Multi-Use Buildings In A Post-COVID World

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In my second book, Reaching The Unreached: Becoming Raiders of the Lost Art I argued robustly for churches meeting in public spaces, noting that “almost all of the ministry done by Jesus and the apostles was done outside.” Who could have known that COVID was right around the corner and about to make the 1st century…

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What is Church Plantology

In the classic film Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams plays Mr. John Keating, a first-year literature teacher at Welton Academy, a hundred-year- Old Ivy League prep school for young men. The four pillars of Welton are chanted in unison at their first assembly, “Tradition! Honor! Discipline! Excellence!” On the second day of class, Mr. Keating asks one of…

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An Interview with Living Legend Ralph Moore

In order to have kingdom expansion on the level of the first century, you need multiplying churches, but to have those, you need multiplying leaders. That’s where the whole thing bottlenecks. The solution to the problem facing the Western church was to identify what is known as level-5 multiplying leaders in order to observe what…

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It’s time to talk about and set relational goals.

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We were driving back from lunch with a mutual friend. I looked at my best friend in the world and said, “I know this sounds weird man, but what did that actually accomplish?” My friend’s pained look back at me may as well have been like holding up a mirror that revealed I was covered…

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Welcome to the New Year

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Welcome to 2021, the magical land where nothing in 2020 can cross the threshold into the road ahead. What’s that smirk for? Of course nothing magically changed when the 1st of the year arrived, and yet we know that the cycles of seasons were engineered by an all-wise creator.  Every year ceaselessly turns over as…

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How to Learn Wisdom from a Heroin Addict

Besides being one of the reasons that the 90s was the decade for music (fight me), Scott Weiland’s lyrics to Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart are one of the deepest reveries about death in modern music. The lead singer of the Stone Temple Pilots was gifted with an amazing voice and talent…

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Mantra #1 –  Jesus is Our Senior Pastor I found this out on accident. Honestly. I planted a church on accident in a Starbucks in Europe. I had quit ministry and told Jesus I wanted nothing to do with his church anymore and labeled myself a deserter. Instead of shooting me, Jesus showed me the…

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Wisdom in Setting a Pastors Salary

In this episode we share the wisdom we have gained over the years in setting a pastors salary. We will help you navigate those waters with your leadership team and give you insight into finding that number for your church.  

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