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Wisdom in Setting a Pastors Salary

In this episode we share the wisdom we have gained over the years in setting a pastors salary. We will help you navigate those waters with your leadership team and give you insight into finding that number for your church.  

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Giving Thanks Ministry Ninja Podcast

With Thanksgiving coming up we thought we would get together and talk about what it means to give thanks and how we can use that as a tool for ministry.    

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The Holy Spirit

The team share their hearts and testimonies of how they’ve seen the Holy Spirit move and how the Holy Spirit has moved them. We have no power in the flesh but with the Holy Spirit renewing us from the inside out, if God is for us who can be against us? You get to hear…

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The Ministry Ninja Podcast – Charles Spurgeon

This week, we talk about the life and ministry of Charles Spurgeon. We share our passion and appreciation for the man. Spurgeon was a true genius and accomplished many truly amazing for the faith. There aren’t many greater role models to learn from than this Ministry Ninja.  

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How to Kill it in Ministry in 2019

Hey! Who turned the lights on in here? Seriously, did a unicorn choose my website as its final resting place and suddenly explode in a poof of glitter and an auriferous zodiac of color? (Note: that last use of vocabulary was meant to impress you. Needless to say, I lifted it…) Gone are the old…

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