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One Small Step By Dustin Morrow

One Small Step It takes a certain type of person to be a church planter.  In ministry settings not only do they need to be able to roll with the punches but they need to be able to take a punch as well.  Not only will they be dealing with setbacks on a daily level,…

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Mission and Vision in Church Budgets

In this episode of Church Planting and Money we talk about the importance of making sure your mission and vision drive the financial decisions you make as a church. In other words we want to help you make sure your church budget lines up with your mission as a church. We will unpack this a…

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Social Media and Your Soul

How do you keep your soul private in a social media obsessed world? Back in the 80s there was a sandwich that McDonald’s developed called the McD.L.T. Many of you won’t recognize this sandwich but it was the thing. It actually stuck around for 6 years until McDonald’s caved into the social pressure that deemed…

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Comparing Yourself with Others

Two jumps in a week Bet you think that’s pretty clever Don’t you, boy? Flying along in your motorcycle Watching as the ground beneath you drops You kill yourself for recognition Kill yourself to never, ever stop You broke another mirror You’re turning into something you are not. – Radiohead, “High and Dry” The 90s…

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