The Conversations the World Is Having

The key to harnessing ministry in public space is to enter the conversations that the world is having. Sam Chan’s Evangelism in a Skeptical World has a chapter on “How to Give Evangelistic Topical Talks” that reinforces this principle. The subtitle of the chapter is “Beer, Sex, and Santa Claus.”[1] “Every good conversation starts with…

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Five Ways I can Help You Achieve Your Goals

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I’ve mentioned already that I’m an achiever on the StrengthFinder test. This means that I don’t need a lot of management. I’ll work as hard as I can until I hit the end of something, and then produce my own way to go further. For this reason, I’ve often got multiple projects going all at…

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What happens when you plan for success?

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I use a forward planner that was designed by one of my “production heroes”. Maybe there is somebody out there you respect who is constantly achieving, accomplishing, and producing content.  At the risk of sounding like a brag, I don’t struggle with this aspect of things.  What I have struggled with over the years is…

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How to Set Spiritual Goals

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I’ve got a book with all of my goals in it. Many of them never happen. If you’re part of the humanus collectivus, you probably don’t find this surprising, as a list of your goals betrays the same results. Or maybe you have no goals at all because that nagging voice in the back of…

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Should We Scrap The Sunday Service

This week we talk about the Sunday Service and if we should scrap it. We discuss if the Sunday service is still relevant in today’s culture and if it is still effective at reaching the lost.

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Jumping With Style: The Church Planter’s Gifting

We need to talk about the church planter’s gifting.  We live in an age that substitutes gifting for character or the Holy Spirit’s fire. Unfortunately, however, what often passes as gifting is really just charisma or personality.  Gifting is spiritual and is harder to explain and harder to nail down than a charismatic personality. Now,…

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One Small Step By Dustin Morrow

One Small Step It takes a certain type of person to be a church planter.  In ministry settings not only do they need to be able to roll with the punches but they need to be able to take a punch as well.  Not only will they be dealing with setbacks on a daily level,…

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Mission and Vision in Church Budgets

In this episode of Church Planting and Money we talk about the importance of making sure your mission and vision drive the financial decisions you make as a church. In other words we want to help you make sure your church budget lines up with your mission as a church. We will unpack this a…

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