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In the Dojo with Peter Jeffery (Part 1)

Peter Jeffery authored over 40 books, many written for new Christians or for those seeking Christ. Peter was a faithful preacher heralding the truth of the gospel. He was ordained to the ministry in 1963 and served as the Minister at Ebenezer Congregational Church in Cwmbran, Wales. In 1972 he accepted a call to Rugby…

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Lord I Was Born a Rambling Man

LORD I WAS BORN A RAMBLING MAN When you’re a ninja, you move around a lot. If I were clocking my movements, I seemed to move once every three years, even when my ministry gig seemed too legit to quit. I remember the first time the penny dropped that people misinterpreted my missionary movements as…

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Getting Your Priorities Right For Your Church Plant

Getting Your Priorities Right For Your Church Plant What did Paul mean when he said he laid the foundation like a wise and master builder? In context, Paul started with the right priorities. The first thing that he did was lay down the foundation of Christ. If you’re laying a foundation in your church planter,…

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The Four Components to Natural Summer Evangelism

“Some things you shouldn’t get too good at…like smiling, crying and celebrity.” – Bono There’s a couple of things in Christianity that you don’t get to be good at either. Prayer is one. Besides, can you imagine the bonehead who would actually say “I’m awesome at prayer!”  The other thing you don’t get to be…

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