The first change that takes place is how you see yourself. You’re a missionary. The military strips you of your identity. You’re NOT special. You’re one of many, and the sooner you realize that the better we can reforge your identity into a soldier. A killing machine.

When you join the military, the first thing that they change is your identity; how you see yourself. You are no longer a churchgoer. You are now a missionary.

Many will argue that we are all missionaries, but there is a difference between a patriot and a soldier. A patriot believes in the cause. A soldier lays down his life for it. A missionary lays down his life a million times a day by the lifestyle he adopts and the sacrifices he makes. Paul said, “We die daily”. What I think people are trying to say is that everybody is supposed to live like missionaries. They are right, but the reality is that few want to live like one, or at least collect a missionary’s paycheck. Living the missionary lifestyle is like subsisting on a diet of C-rations. Talk is cheap, but so are Christians. Those who talk big about being missionaries seldom tithe to those who have left their nets, and set themselves apart to travel to foreign climes where Christ is not named.

If they don’t want to eat like a missionary, they certainly won’t want to dress like one either. Missionaries are usually nerds who are out of fashion on earth, but they’re rockstars in heaven who are eternally in fashion. In fact, missionary work may be the only thing you’ll want to go back and do again when you get to heaven. It’s what all angels want to be when they grow up. They so admire what Christ did that they anxiously like to peer into these things. The church planter needs to start thinking of himself as a missionary. Therefore it’s time to start acting like one.

I always sucked at missionary stuff. My missions board would be so upset at me when I would preach and not give any updates. I sucked at fundraising, and only learned how to do it once I came off the field. The reality is that I never came off the field.  I continued to plant churches in America in the same way I had Europe, and it was more expensive to live here. I needed cash.

Money isn’t where you start, however. First you’ll need to gather a prayer support team. Along with that comes the ability to write the prayer support letter, meet people face to face, and communicate the vision before a sending church. Most planters are a bit uneasy with this, but trust me…it’s an essential skill for any missionary/sent one/ planter/ cross-cultural pioneer.

First, look to God as the provisioner. He’s the Quartermaster. Ultimately.

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