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How to Set Up a Financial Team for Your Church

In this episode we will share with you the roles that need to be in place for your financial team as you move forward with your church. https://youtu.be/SwAohV_XB0E

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Mantra #1 –  Jesus is Our Senior Pastor I found this out on accident. Honestly. I planted a church on accident in a Starbucks in Europe. I had quit ministry…

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Kingdom Collaboration

In the last episode of 2019 we are talking Kingdom Collaboration. It’s currently a hot topic in ministry circles, so we share our thoughts, our feelings and break down what…

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In the Dojo with Peter Jeffery (Part 2)

This week is we are back In the Dojo for part 2 of our interview with Peter Jeffery. Peter is the author of over 40 books, many written for new…

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3 Questions to Ask Before You Open a Bank Account

In this episode we will discuss 3 questions every church planter should ask himself and his team before they decide which bank to open their accounts with. http://bit.ly/2SkMqdv

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Should We Scrap The Sunday Service

This week we talk about the Sunday Service and if we should scrap it. We discuss if the Sunday service is still relevant in today’s culture and if it is…

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