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It’s time to talk about and set relational goals.

We were driving back from lunch with a mutual friend. I looked at my best friend in the world and said, “I know this sounds weird man, but what did…

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Welcome to the New Year

Welcome to 2021, the magical land where nothing in 2020 can cross the threshold into the road ahead. What’s that smirk for? Of course nothing magically changed when the 1st…

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How can I set physical goals?

To continue our blog about setting goals, this week, we focus on the physical goals. It may be weird to be writing about spiritual goals at this point in the…

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Let’s talk about resolutions.

Most year’s I write a piece about my New Year’s Resolutions. Although many people tackle their flab, drown bad habits, or seek to increase productivity, my favorite resolutions have to do…

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Five Ways I can Help You Achieve Your Goals

I’ve mentioned already that I’m an achiever on the StrengthFinder test. This means that I don’t need a lot of management. I’ll work as hard as I can until I…

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What happens when you plan for success?

I use a forward planner that was designed by one of my “production heroes”. Maybe there is somebody out there you respect who is constantly achieving, accomplishing, and producing content. …

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