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What Paul Can Teach Us About Multi-Use Buildings In A Post-COVID World

In my second book, Reaching The Unreached: Becoming Raiders of the Lost Art I argued robustly for churches meeting in public spaces, noting that “almost all of the ministry done…

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What is Church Plantology

In the classic film Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams plays Mr. John Keating, a first-year literature teacher at Welton Academy, a hundred-year- Old Ivy League prep school for young men. The…

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How can I set physical goals?

To continue our blog about setting goals, this week, we focus on the physical goals. It may be weird to be writing about spiritual goals at this point in the…

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Let’s talk about resolutions.

Most year’s I write a piece about my New Year’s Resolutions. Although many people tackle their flab, drown bad habits, or seek to increase productivity, my favorite resolutions have to do…

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The Conversations the World Is Having

The key to harnessing ministry in public space is to enter the conversations that the world is having. Sam Chan’s Evangelism in a Skeptical World has a chapter on “How…

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Five Ways I can Help You Achieve Your Goals

I’ve mentioned already that I’m an achiever on the StrengthFinder test. This means that I don’t need a lot of management. I’ll work as hard as I can until I…

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