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What Paul Can Teach Us About Multi-Use Buildings In A Post-COVID World

In my second book, Reaching The Unreached: Becoming Raiders of the Lost Art I argued robustly for churches meeting in public spaces, noting that “almost all of the ministry done…

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How can I set physical goals?

To continue our blog about setting goals, this week, we focus on the physical goals. It may be weird to be writing about spiritual goals at this point in the…

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The Conversations the World Is Having

The key to harnessing ministry in public space is to enter the conversations that the world is having. Sam Chan’s Evangelism in a Skeptical World has a chapter on “How…

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I am a church planter and am completely clueless where to start.

Don’t worry, I’ve been there.

It took me about 20 years to figure it out, and I’m still learning all the time. From the streets of New Zealand, to the coffee shops of Wales, UK, I’ve planted churches. Stateside, I’ve planted in an urban context, and a beachside community. During those times, I was rediscovering 1st century style church planting, and developing skills, and strategies that will help you reach a post-christian world, in the same way the apostles had to reach a pre-Christian one.

Let's plant a church!
How can I assist in your church planting needs?


I need to mobilize my congregation for ministry but don’t know how.

Don’t be a one man show; it just doesn't work.

Whatever your context, I’ve probably experienced ministry in your sphere; mega church, small community church, missional community, traditional, legacy church (Martyn Lloyd-Jones anyone?), church in public space, rural church & collegiate church. Through these, I’ve watched congregations come alive, as believers are awoken in their gifts. When that happens, you don’t worry about getting them started…you can’t hold them back!

Let's get some training!
How can I assist in your training needs?


I have a calling but lack a clear vision and the means to get there.

Don't stay stuck; get the mentoring or discipleship you need.

I constantly find that when I’m training leaders, it comes back to mentorship. The apostles had Jesus. Timothy had Paul. Luke had Obiwon. Obiwon had Yoda. You get the picture. Every winning athlete has a coach. Every successful minister has a mentor. Why should it be any different for us? God has clearly laid an emphasis on developing others. I’ve devoted a large part of my life to pouring into others, so that they can pour into others.

Let's develop you as a leader.
How can I assist in your personal development?

No one gets on-the-ground church planting quite like Peyton Jones does. He gets you out of your head and into the streets of your community, meeting your audience where they are at. That's what you want in a church trainer, and ultimately, what I am looking for in a church planter." - Russ Cantu at Catalyst


You may have been trained to plant a church, but nobody told you how to train your team. We can help.

Jump School Core Team Training is a 6 month core team training in a box. The curriculum is designed to take your core team on a journey that will equip them to plant a church effectively. When you fling yourself out of the hatch, and freewill into the hands of God, you want to know that the guy training you has jumped before and lived to tell the tale. Veteran, serial church planter Peyton Jones has been training church planters all over the world for over a decade including for Exponential, and the North American Mission Board (the largest church planter training network in America). Peyton will not be the guru for you however. You will be leading this curriculum. After all, Peyton isn't leading your team, you are! Let Peyton help you to guide your team through the essentials that your church planting team needs to know.


Modules are divided into multiple weeks of watching, reading, and discussion the material, so you can lead at your own pace.

  1. Focus
  2. Battle Ready
  3. Core Team
  4. Mission
  5. Fire
  6. No Man's Land
  7. Rally Points

"Jump School is not your ordinary church planter training! 

I've had the privilege of working and being friends with Peyton Jones for several years now. There is no person on the planet that I would rather sit with and talk church planting. Peyton has a way of reaching back into New Testament times, pulling out rich insights and making practical applications for church planting today. The depth of wisdom and experience he brings to church planting is all translated into the Jump School curriculum. Any church planter that digests this material will avoid crucial mistakes, build a strong team and reach the unreached."

"Jump School has been a great resource over the last year. I have not been able to make every call or keep up with every week, but having the material in archive to access at will has been priceless. If you are planting or want to plant, there are some great resources here."

Michael Hooper, Helotes, TX

"Jump School has been awesome, especially the Band of Brothers calls. They have helped in the church here in St. Catharines on more than one occasion and by talking through the issues in a group and following the Spirit's urging, a lady has found Jesus."

Mike Neels, St. Catharines, ON Canada

"Thoroughly enjoyed this amazing course full of Biblical and very practical wisdom on how to plant a living, interesting Christ centered community serving church in no mans land. Everything covered from the Holy Spirit to the church planters character, team building to fundraising,  promotion and launch."

Michelle Smith, Swansea, Wales, UK

100% Money Back Guarantee!

You are going to love Jump School so much that we’re willing to bet that you would rather be covered in chum and jump in the ocean during a Great White Feeding Frenzy rather than give up your membership to Jump School. However, should Jump School not meet your expectations, you may cancel in the first 60 days for a full and complete refund with no questions asked – and you can keep the material we mail you as our gift for trying us out!



I’m a husband and dad.

I’m an author, church planter, leadership trainer, podcaster, and writer. I've served churches large and small, in the US and in Europe.

12 years on the mission field wrecked me for “normal ministry”. 

I started in Huntington Beach at a megachurch, then went to Wales, and served as the evangelist at Lloyd-Jones’s church Sandfields, and started planting churches in public spaces, like Starbucks. Returning back to the States, I planted a multiplying church in downtown Long Beach. I founded New Breed Church Planting Network which continues to train front-line 1st century style apostolic church planters, and the rest is history.

I’ve served in collegiate campus churches, rural and urban churches, legacy churches, churches in public space…you name it. In a box, with a fox, I have planted Sam I am.

Some of the things I’ve done over the years that may help you:

  • Wrote a few books: Church Zero: Raising 1st Century Churches From the Ashes of the 21st Century Church, and Reaching The Unreached: Becoming Raiders of the Lost Art.
  • Started two of the biggest church planting podcasts - Hardcore Church Planting and The Church Planter Podcast.
  • Co-founded Church Planter Magazine.
  • Hired by Mac Lake, I revamped the Send Network Training, and produced professional training videos.
  • Oversaw church planter training for the Western U.S. for the Send Network. 
  • Stayed married all this time, and adopted two beautiful girls.
  • Once swatted five with one blow on a video game no one plays anymore. It was epic. You shoulda seen it.

My goal in life is to expand your mind to think like believers in the 1st century did, and like church leaders in the Developing World, Western Europe, and Persecuted Church have to. That’s what drives me in the morning… I’d like to think it’s part-caffeine, and mostly Holy Spirit.”


If "Been there, done that" seems like a familiar calling to you, then you're not alone.

It's easy to toss in the towel and throw you hands up in frustration. Thing is, you're better than that. Maybe no one has ever told you that and perhaps you need to hear it.

I have been there. I have done that. And I want to share my highs and lows with you in the hope that we can make one another better.